Why Women Business Owners are Flocking to Social Media



As more women become entrepreneurs, social media is playing an increasing  role in their business.

In the past, traditional marketing methods have required a large investment of time and a sizable team of people to support the various associated costs and expenditure of resources. 

For women business owners these days, a successful marketing campaign can be started using far less resources and money by utilizing the reach that social media networks offer for women small business owners. 

Why Women Business Owners are Flocking to Social Media 1Women business owners are flocking to social media to communicate with customers and prospects  in much greater numbers than every before. 

Women business owners also report using social media for direct contact with customers at a significantly higher percentage rate than their male counterparts. 

Women small business owners are using social media channels to promote their personal brands and businesses, tapping into a growing customer base online that includes millions of women.

“You’re not in competition with other women. You’re in competition with everyone.” – Tina Fey

Social media platforms can create effective networks for women in business and help solve such problems as marketing and advertising. According to Inc. Magazine,