Which social media channels are right for my business?


Most small businesses can’t afford to dive into every social media channel to promote their products and services. The most effective method for those starting out in social media marketing is to  choose a few platforms and focus on them exclusively to deliver content marketing to the customers you most want to target.

So which social media platforms will give the best ROI and bang-for-the-buck? It depends on your business goals and who you are trying to reach with your message.

Here is a brief synopsis of the pro’s and con’s of each of the major platforms:

Which social media channels are right for my business? 1

Facebook – is all about building relationships and growing networks of friends with similar interests. It has more than 2 billion active users of all ages, making this a great platform for building a community associated with your product/service, developing brand loyalty, promoting local events, and posting information and resources that are linked to your business. Downside is that it has low “organic” reach. Thus, some paid FB ads are usually the norm, but not a requirement.

Which social media channels are right for my business? 2

Twitter – has a reputation for breaking news, providing industry insights and sharing valuable resources. The use of hashtags enables you to know what’s trending in your area, and participate in conversations that are key to your brand. It’s great for br