4 Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out on Social Media… Today


During this global health crisis, small businesses are fighting to stay alive. Those that are open and doing business are faced with tough choices. Depending on your industry, that may mean that you are challenged with more competition than ever before. Can your small business social media marketing perform wisely these days when you just don’t have the resources?

Here are 4 tips to make your small business standout on social media… today. 

1. Setup a content strategy and calendar

4 Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand Out on Social Media... Today 1Analyze what content (blogs, videos, social posts etc) will resonate with your audience. Then adjust the message for the times. Your business and brand cannot afford to be tone deaf during challenging times. Offer support to your customers by providing information that they will find valuable, helpful and relevant to what they are facing in their lives. Can your products or services help them? If so, tell them why and how. Small business social media marketing is critical these days….just be honest and truthful.

Make sure your posting schedule is regular, whether that be once a day or once a week. Determine what days and times your posts are getting the most views and clicks and then post on those days as consistently as possible. This way your audience will know when to expect your posts. 

2. Pick the most relevant social media channels and use visuals for maximum impact