How to Drive traffic to your Business Website


If you’re struggling to drive traffic to your website, welcome to the club! Many small business owners encounter difficulty when trying  to increase website traffic and drive sales and revenue. 

If you are like most business owners, you aren’t familiar with the digital marketing tools and methods to drive traffic to your business website, so this article will explain some techniques your social media marketing company will likely use to do so in a simple, easy to understand format. 

How to Drive Traffic to Your Business Website in 2020: Top 6 Methods

1. Blog Post Creation and Curation

blog-postThe key reason for regularly posting blog articles on your website is to tell search engines like Google that your website is constantly being updated and to index each new page. This in turn makes your site more visible in search results for the specific keywords for which you are trying to rank.

2. Use social media platforms

Once your content writer creates your blog post, article, video or podcast you need to have it published on your social media channels.

3. Try paid advertising

Paid-AdsYou can spend $1, $100 or $1,000 on paid ads to complement your organic non-paid advertising efforts. Paid advertising can get expens