4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blogging

benefits of blogging for small business

4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blogging

Are there ways to grow your website traffic, attract new customers and build loyalty and trust with current customers….without spending a lot of money?

The simple answer is yes – by starting a blog on your website.

Having a blog on your website will help you:

  • Bring traffic to your site
  • Nurture and convert customers
  • Differentiate you from other similar businesses.
  • Build demand and interest in your products or services

So why doesn’t every small business website have a blog?

Two reasons: time and consistency. Blogging does not require an outpouring of money but does require an investment in content development time and as high a frequency of postings as possible (at least once a month if not more). The more blog postings created –  the more benefits your business will reap.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits:

  1. Bring more traffic to your site

    4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blogging 1It’s a no-brainer that if you post valuable, relatable content and do it on a regularly scheduled basis, your audience will come to your site.

    People want to learn about topics that are relevant to them, so posting content that interests, educates and/or entertains them will increase traffic to  your site.

  2. Grow your existing audience and attract new visitors

    Do you do online research before buying a product or service? If you are like most people, you do, especially when the product or service has a high price tag or solves a particularly difficult problem.

    A blog with optimized posts containing advice and topics related to your business e can attract people to your website at precisely the right moment and increase the chances that they’ll choose to buy from or work with you.

    An educational blog allows your potential customers to research a solution on their own time and contact you when they’re ready to purchase. This should be a mixture of both timely content as well as “evergreen” content  that can still stand to provide relevant information over longer periods of time.

  3. Differentiate your business through your accomplishments

    4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blogging 2If you are in a service business, there is little better than sharing content that highlights your expertise, know-how and accomplishments. Showing a potential customer how you solved similar problems for others sends a powerful message to use your services.

    A blog can achieve just that. With a blog and a few attractive photos  or stories about your work, you can easily create an impressive portfolio and drive traffic and leads to your site. Hiring a content management professional to boost search engines results by incorporating SEO and keyword research to ensure your content gets read – there is nothing worse than posting great content that no one can find.

  4. Build business demand by building trust and credibility with customers

    4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Blogging 3Consistent blogging is a simple means for your business to build trust with its audience. Once visitors discover that your blog provides them with value, your trust and credibility will grow and eventually, this will lead to them becoming a customer.

    Great content marketing helps build relationships. You may not be the first person to write about a topic but you’re the only one with your unique experiences and views on that topic. Your opinion is what helps readers relate to you and your company.

    It’s not about finding a topic that’s never been written about because that is not likely to happen. Write about topics that are important to your audience and add value by providing  your unique perspective.

    In summary, it is recommended that after you start your business blog, post consistently and often.

    One of the biggest benefits of blogs is that they continue to attract new leads and customers well into the future. While it’s still essential to create new posts on a regular basis, older posts can remain relevant to your visitors for a long time.

    Old blog posts that have gained authority/ranking over time and are bringing in a reasonable amount of organic traffic can also be easily updated to retain their relevance. This is why it’s a great practice to keep older blogs fresh with recent data and newer links.

    If you want to have a blog that people want to read and after reading your posts, they want to interact, you need to make sure that your content is compelling and unique with each and every post. The result will be that your readers will want to interact with you more and as often as possible. One thing that is certain is that you should do whatever you can to keep your readers interested in what you are offering.

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Jay Goldstein

Jay is the Founder of Orange Energy Media and writes on a variety of digital marketing topics. He enjoys working with growth-oriented small business owners to provide guidance and support.

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